Executive Committee:
The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, the immediate past president and members at large of the Society. Each shall hold office for two years and if a vacancy occurs on the Executive Committee the Committee may elect a new Executive Committee member or officer to fill that vacancy for the remainder of the term. The Executive Committee shall be the executive and administrative body of the Society between the scheduled meetings and shall be empowered to enter into contracts and authorize such expenditures as may be necessary to conduct the affairs and business of the Society. In addition, it shall have such powers and authority as may be delegated to it by the membership and provided for in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. The Executive Committee shall review all applications for membership and submit their nominations to the membership of the Society. The Executive Committee shall receive and consider all complaints concerning the conduct of members.

Education Committee
The Education Committee shall have the responsibility to plan the scientific and other programs of the meeting in conjunction with the President and Executive Committee. The committee shall also be responsible for soliciting papers from pathology residents in the State of Florida for consideration for the Resident's Research Abstract Program.

The Membership Committee shall work with staff to recruit new members for the Society by communication with eligible pathologists practicing in the State and by monitoring the Pathology Residency Programs and encouraging eligible residents to join the Society and participate in its activities.

Governmental and Legislative Relations:
The Governmental and Legislative Relations Committee shall serve as liaison with all organizations and branches of government which through legislative, regulatory or reimbursement policies potentially impact on the practice of Pathology in the State of Florida. The committee shall develop areas of cooperation between members of this Society with State and Federal representatives, organizations, agencies, boards and other societies. The committee shall have the responsibility to inform the Executive Committee and the membership of the Society of activities pertaining to Pathology, which are contemplated or engaged in by State and Federal agencies. The committee shall vigorously oppose nefarious laws and inform legislators and the public on matters pertaining to Pathology. The committee shall represent Pathologists as practitioners of medicine. The Committee shall include at least one (1) member of the Executive Committee as a member.

The Nominating Committee shall select for nomination the President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and members at large to the Executive Committee. The Nominating Committee shall be chaired by the immediate past President. The committee will prepare a list of at least one candidate for each elective office and to do so after ample consideration of the prospective officer’s record of attendance, interest, contribution to the Society specifically and pathology in general, and especially the ability and desire for service to his fellow man. The Committee shall also encourage the individual nominations of candidates from the floor. The members of the Nominating Committee shall be Regular members and shall include at least one (1) Regular member of the Society who has not served on the Nominating Committee in recent years. The election will take place at the regular annual meeting. Election to office requires a simple majority of a quorum present at the meeting.

PC Committee:
The PC Committee is charged with acting as stewards on behalf of the Society for the pathology profession and overseeing the FSP PAC. The Committee is responsible for determining a strategy for soliciting contributions as well as how collected funds are disbursed to favorable candidates.

Communications Committee:
The Communications Committee shall oversee all communications efforts of the Society. The Committee is charged with providing guidance and recommendations on public awareness campaigns and media interactions and oversight of the Society’s social media presence and messaging process. The Committee shall oversee the Pathology Today, the bi-weekly newsletter of the Society by suggesting and reviewing content for message consistency with the mission and goals of the Society. The Committee is responsible for the periodic review of the FSP website.

Resident and Fellow Commitee:
The purpose of the Resident and Fellow Committee of the Florida Society of Pathologists is to promote and develop future leaders in pathology. The Resident and Fellow Committee serves as the voice to all pathology residents and fellows in the state of Florida and is responsible for assisting in the development of activities and resources that are relevant and purposeful to pathologists in training. The committee is responsible for communicating relevant FSP activities for residents and fellows including the annual Poster Competition, the Fellowship Fair and Resident Roundtable Discussion and any other networking events held in conjunction with the FSP conferences to its statewide membership of residents and fellows. The committee is also responsible for recruitment and retention of FSP Resident/Fellow Members to encourage all residents and fellows to join and participate in the FSP, and encourage transition to full membership for those new in practice pathologists in Florida.

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Friday, March 11, 2016 - 4:00pm