Legislative Updates

FSP Joins Florida Patient Protection Coalition

FSP joined more than 50 county medical and specialty societies across the state in the formation of the Florida Patient Protection Coalition

FSP attends FMA Annual Meeting and House of Delegates Meeting in Orlando, Florida

FSP's delegates to the FMA, Dr. Harvey Feld, Dr. Antonio Martinez, and Dr. Patricia Moody McNab attended the Florida Medical Association 2019 Annual Meeting and House of Delegates on August 9-11 in Orlando, Florida to represent our membership and pathologists from the state of Florida.

Legislative Update: 2019 Florida Legislative Session Has Ended

The 2019 Florida legislative session has officially ended on Saturday, May 5th, a day later than originally scheduled due to delayed budget negotiations. The FSP had a great deal of issues we were working on, but altogether we came out unscathed this Session.

Legislative Update - Important Member Information

FSP Legislative Consultant, Amy Young, provides an update of the Florida Legislative Session as of week three. We are actively monitoring several bills for the best interests of our pathologist members.

2018 Florida General Election Results

Tuesday night was a great night for the candidates that we, with your help, supported financially. The vast majority of incumbents in the Senate and House were also successful. 

2018 Legislative Recap

The 2018 Legislative Session proved to be another success for FSP.

FSP Legislative Update

We have been busy at work in Tallahassee in preparation for the 2018 Session which convenes on January 9, 2018. Legislators have been holding committee hearings since September and we have four more weeks in Tallahassee even before Session begins.

2017 Legislative Session Recap from FSP Lobbyist Amy Young

A recap of the 2017 Legislative Session provided by FSP lobbyist Amy Young

Support Bill HR 5721 on LCD

Please take action and let your representative know you support bill, HR 5721, and urge them to be a co-sponsor. Last year at this time the FSP was fighting draft LCD on special stains from First Coast Service Options, our Medicare carrier. This directly affects us as pathologists!

2016 Legislative Session Recap: Balance Billing Legislation Passed

After many years of negotiation HB 221 was passed with a unanimous vote in the Senate and a vote of 118-0 in the House. HB 221, which takes effect July 1, 2016, relates to out-of-network health insurance coverage and very well may materially alter how hospital based pathology groups conduct business. The bill applies to all emergency and nonemergency non-contracted, covered services rendered in a participating hospital setting.