2020 Florida General Election Results


From:               Amy J. Young

Date:               November 4, 2020

Subject:           Florida General Election Results

As there is only one race undecided within the margin for a manual recount, it is certain that the current Republican majority in the State Senate and State House will be maintained in Florida. The majority of incumbents in the Senate and House were also overwhelmingly successful.

The Special Election for Senate District 20 was held simultaneously with the 2020 General Election, making 21 Senate seats up for grabs on election day. The results of Senate District 37 are outstanding, pending a recount.  In the House, there were 96 total contested races.

The following is a snapshot of the two chambers, in which the balance of power has not changed.  The House will now consist of 78 Republicans and 42 Democrats; a net loss of 5 Democrats from the 2020 Session.  The current makeup of the Senate will be 23 Republicans and 16 Democrats, pending the recount of District 37, which will shift one side by a single seat.

78 Republican
42 Democrat

23 Republican
16 Democrat

There will be several newly-elected members in both legislative chambers, although many in the Senate served previously in the House.  When the Florida Legislature begins work at its Organizational Session on November 17, there will be at least 9 new Senators and 37 new Representatives.  

We have compiled a complete list of the results, which is attached.  The winning candidates are indicated in bold.  Additionally, the outcome of the statewide constitutional amendments is also included.  Official certification of the election results will take place on November 17, 2020.

2020 General Election Results

We look forward to continuing our work representing you in the halls of the State Capitol.

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, November 10, 2020 - 12:30pm