FSP 2016 Annual Anatomic Pathology Conference Highlights

Thank you for joining us!

“What an incredible meeting!” was the most common phrase heard on Sunday. The attendees of the 2016 Annual Meeting were delighted with the high caliber of the faculty, the ability to network and socialize with their peers, to view the cutting-edge poster displays and to have the ability to gain from the tremendous knowledge on the latest information and services provided in the Vendor Hall!  

The Annual Meeting was opened by FSP President Margaret Neal, thanking the physicians present for being an important part of the pathology profession.   


Featured Faculty and Presentations:

Brigitte Ronnet, MD
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
on “Hydatiform Moles: Ancillary Techniques to Refine Diagnosis”


Jeffrey Ross, MD
Albany Medical Center Hospital
on “Molecular Diagnostics”

Stuart Schnitt, MD
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
on “Hot Topics in Breast Pathology: Part I and II”


Michael Torbenson, MD
Mayo Clinic Rochester
on “Special Stains and Immunohistochemistry in Liver Pathology: A Practical Guide for the Practicing Physician”


Resident Poster Competition:

Back by popular demand, the FSP hosted a Resident Poster Competition featuring posters from case studies and original research in anatomic and clinical pathology. Executive Committee member, Dr. Stephen Vernon awarded the top three prizes from the Poster Competition during the Annual Business Luncheon on Saturday:

First Place Winner

Eiham Nasri, MD
University of Florida
“Tumorigenic and Non-Tumorigenic Osteosarcoma Cell Subpopulations Exhibit distinct MiRNA Expression Profiles.”
(Accepted by Robert C. Allan, University of Florida)


Second Place Winner

Robert P. Seifert, MD
University of South Florida
“Electronic Atlas of Epithelioid Soft Tissue Tumors: A Pilot for Pathology Atlas “App Development”


Third Place Winner

Yunguang Liu, MD, PhD
Moffitt Cancer Center
“Spindle Cell/Sclerosing Rhabdomyosarcoma is a New and Underdiagnosed Entity: A Clinical and Tissue Microarray Immunohistochemical Study with Literature Review.”


You can view a full list of abstracts submitted here.

Resident Fair:

Residents were able to attend a Fellowship Fair to gather information on Fellowship Programs being offered by University of South Florida, University of Florida, Moffitt Cancer Center, Broward County Office of Medical Examiner & Trauma Services, Mount Sinai Medical Center and the University of Miami. Following the fair, Residents were able to hear from Richard Feinberg, M.D., Oleksandr N. Kryvenko, MD, Marilyn Bui, MD, Margaret Neal and Qihui “Jim” Zhai, MD on the different facets of pathology and real life information on post-residency pathology.