Get to Know Bahram Dabiri, MD April Member Spotlight

Bahram Dabiri, MD
Moffitt Cancer Center
Tampa, Florida

What is your current role?
I am currently the GU/GYN fellow at Moffitt Cancer Center.

 What is the best part of your occupation? 
Having interdisciplinary collaboration with colleagues in surgery, oncology and radiology for better patient care.

How did you become interested in pathology?
As a child, I developed a love for solving puzzles and the thrill of finding Waldo. Growing up in a family with a medical background further fueled my interest in the field. 

How did you become involved with the FSP?  
I became involved by FSP based on recommendations from Dr. Bui and my co-fellows. Their praise for the organization resonated with me. I'm grateful for the chance to collaborate with pathologists across the state.
Explain how you benefit from being a member of FSP.  
Being a member of FSP has great value and opens up many opportunities. Membership in this society enhances communication and expands my network of pathologists. It also provides the chance to reconnect with former colleagues who have found jobs in Florida. The lectures offered are highly beneficial for my ongoing training and future continuous education.

What would you like to see occur in the field of pathology (i.e., scientific advances, greater awareness of the field, etc.) during your career? 
I would like to see a couple of things happen. For one, improvement in collaboration of new technology to pathology such as digital pathology, molecular diagnostics to enhance diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. Secondly, global standardization of pathology practice and reporting to facilitating consistency and comparability in diagnoses worldwide.

What are your hobbies outside of the office? 
As for my hobbies, I have a deep love for playing music, including the Guitar, Setar (Persian/ Iran string instrument), and tin whistle. Growing up in Vancouver, BC, outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking have become my most cherished pursuits.

What is something surprising that most people do not know about you?
I hail from a family deeply rooted in medicine, where three generations have embraced the pathologist's journey. My grandfather and father dedicated themselves to this incredible field, and my mother is a skilled dermatopathologist. Advocating passionately for pathology, I firmly believe that pathologists serve as the backbone of medicine. Through their collaboration with other physicians and research endeavors, they significantly enhance the effectiveness of patient care for countless individuals.