Get to Know Jill Browning, MD March Member Spotlight

Jill Browning, MD
Pathologist/Dermatopathologist at the C.W. Bill Young VA Medical Center
Bay Pines, FL

What is your current role?
I am a pathologist/dermatopathologist at the C.W. Bill Young VA Medical Center in Bay Pines, FL.

What is the best part of your occupation? 
 I get to play “Where’s Waldo?” all day! Clues are hiding in every case. I get to find them and make sense of them so that my patients can be treated appropriately.

How did you become interested in pathology?
Pathology found me. As a broke grad student, I desperately needed a job. I opened a phone book and started calling labs in my area. Turns out one of them had a “grossing” position. I didn’t even know what that meant at the time. I eventually became a histotech, married my lab partner (also a histotech), and later decided to apply to medical school.

How did you become involved with the FSP?
During my training I was a member of the CAP Residents Forum where they emphasized the importance of involvement in state medical societies. As a Florida native, I was always interested in joining the FSP. After completing my training at Duke, I returned to my home state and joined right away.

Explain how you benefit from being a member of FSP?
As a new member, I am looking forward to networking with my fellow Floridian pathologists and learning new things at the upcoming meetings. When we work together as an active state society, we can have a stronger voice about the future of our profession.

What would you like to see occur in the field of pathology (i.e., scientific advances, greater awareness of the field, etc.) during your career?
Greater community awareness of the importance of pathology services in medicine. As a trainee I was part of a group of pathologists that invited patients to see their tissue samples under the microscope. The opportunity to teach them about pathology was very rewarding and I hope to see this become more mainstream in the future. 

What are your hobbies outside of the office?
Cuddling 2 toddlers, home renovation projects, Blackstone grilling, and enjoying the FL sunshine (in a wide-brimmed hat and >30SPF of course).

What is something surprising that most people do not know about you?
I started as a law major in undergrad. Turned out I didn’t like to write papers. I will say my writing skills greatly improved during my dermpath training (sorry for the long comments)!

Is there anything I did not ask that you would like to mention in this article?
I look forward to starting my career back in the Sunshine State!