Recap of College of American Pathologists House of Delegates (HOD) meeting Saturday, September 24th, 2016 at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas

Florida delegates at the CAP House of Delegates Meeting (left to right): Jim Zhai, MD, Harvey Feld, MD,
Antonio Martinez, MD,Anne Champeaux, MD, Stephen Vernon, MD, and Emmanuel Agosto-Arrollo, MD.
Not pictured but in attendance: Rebecca Johnson, MD, Marilyn Bui, MD,Patricia Gregg, MD, and Marino Leon, MD

In attendance and representing the Florida Delegation were Doctors Marylin Bui, Rebeca Johnson, Anne Champeaux, Emmanuel Agosto-Arroyo, Stephen Vernon, Harvey Feld, Jim Zhai, Patti Gregg, Marino Leon and Antonio Martinez.


A few highlights included an update on payment reforms by Dr. Volk, including MIPS/MACRA/PAMA. The college is on top of this issue, trying to help find ways for pathologist to participate as we are a unique specialty and helping smaller labs with reporting of data for PAMA, among other efforts. One specific issue that came up during discussions on payment reform was the importance of pathologists participation and membership at the American Medical Association (AMA). We recently lost a delegate position at the AMA for lack of representation (not enough pathologist members). This is to our detriment as there are important decisions made at the AMA, which affect our profession and for which we need adequate representation. Dr. Rebeca Johnson, our state representative , is an alternate AMA delegate and Dr. Nicole Riddle (Alabama) is an AMA delegate and both were in attendance.

There were elections for the HOD Steering Committee positions, the results of which will be posted soon.


President Richard Friedberg, president-elect Bruce Williams and Secretary-treasurer Richard Gomez gave an update on issues facing the college, fielded questions and heard suggestions from members of the HOD. Some issues included the financial status of the CAP, the search for a new CAP CEO, where they allocate funds, where they think they may allocate more funds (e.g. education, overseas inspections, etc.), the issues facing the CAP website and others. Overall it was an informative exchange between those in the audience and the speakers. Visit the CAP website for the HOD agenda book and more meeting information.  


For those who wish to become involved in the House of Delegates, applications are due by the END OF THIS MONTH for delegate/alternate positions. The HOD is a great place to stay abreast of issues facing your pathology practice. No matter how or where you practice, there is something for all pathologists at the HOD. 


Link to form for HOD positions:

If above link does not work, contact Steve Hansen at the CAP.

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 11:00am