UHC Settlement Approved by Court on February 14: Pathologists to Receive Over $1MM in Payments

In October, the FSP shared news with members that the class action settlement between Palmetto Pathology Services P.A. and UHC was reached with favorable terms to Florida pathologists securing payment from UHC for all past and future PC-CP Medicaid claims. The Settlement was approved by the Court on February 14, 2021. As to past claims from July 2017 through July 2020, Florida pathologists made 338 claims in the Settlement that will result in payments of $1,392,735.57 to the Pathologists listed on the attachment.

Payments are expected to begin by the latter part of March on a rolling basis. If you or your group made a valid claim and are listed in the attachment and you or your group does not receive a payment by the middle of April, you may contact court-appointed Class Counsel, Patrick Montoya at 305-476-7400 or patrick@colson.com. As to claims from July 2020 going forward, UHC is to make payments per the AHCA fee schedule in accordance with the Settlement Agreement.

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, February 24, 2021 - 10:30am