Update on Cigna PC of CP Payment Policy- Feedback Requested

As you will recall, in June the FSP, along with the CAP, and many other state pathology societies, successfully halted Cigna from discontinuing the reimbursement to pathologists for the professional component of clinical pathology. However, as of late, Cigna has reintroduced the policy and intends to discontinue reimbursement of the professional component. The FSP would like to hear from you regarding this policy change. Communicating and supporting our members is important to us and we appreciate your time in completing a short survey.

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The FSP Leadership and Legislative Committee have been following this update closely and have participated in dialogue with the CAP to discuss efforts that can be made to support our members on this issue. In communication between the CAP and Cigna, Cigna has provided clarification that the updated policy will apply to both employed and non-employed pathologists working in or for facilities that have assumed the financial responsibility through their Cigna contracts for laboratory management and oversight services. In response to this message, the CAP has further pressed Cigna for additional details. In a letter to Cigna on October 26, the CAP requested clarification on how Cigna proposes to operationalize its policy and ensure pathologists receive appropriate payment for these services. Specifically, the CAP asked how Cigna will document its payment to a facility where laboratory management and oversight services are provided through that facility’s contract with Cigna? Further they have asked how a pathologist will clearly determine whether their facilities contracts do or do not result in the new PC of CP claim denials. The CAP requested that Cigna respond to their questions by November 10. As new developments are shared, we will be communicating with you on this matter.

We look forward to staying in touch with you on the matter and appreciate your time in providing information through our survey.