2021 Sponsor Registration

2021 Sponsor Registration

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  • Booth in Virtual Exhibit Hall with option to upload company logo, banner ad, company description, videos, and downloadable resources.
  • 2 complimentary registrations for company representatives to access the entire virtual conference
  • Company logo on the FSP website
  • Company logo on the virtual platform
  • Acknowledgment in the digital meeting guide
  • Inclusion in the Leaderboard Challenge where attendees will win prizes for engaging with your company
  • Final attendee list (name, city, state)
  • Contact information for attendees that visited your booth (name, title, organization, phone, email)

Includes everything in Standard Sponsor plus:

  • The ability to schedule face-to-face, one-on-one meetings with attendees through Zoom
  • Total of 3 complimentary registrations for company registration to access the entire virtual conference
  • Company logo on pre-conference promotional email blast with direct link to sponsor website
  • 1 page advertisement in the digital meeting guide

Includes everything in Silver Sponsor plus:

  • Total of 5 complimentary registrations for company representative to access the entire virtual conference
  • 1 additional page advertisement in the digital meeting guide (2 pages total)
  • Product showcase video (30-minute pre-recorded video with 15 minute live Q&A)
  • Promotion of product showcase on society website, through one email blast and one social media post

Exhibitor Representatives - Complimentary Representatives

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Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

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Additional Opportunties
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Virtual Opportunities
FSP Swag Box 1 $10,000
Wellness Challenge 1 $7,500
Cocktails and Conversations Happy Hour 1 $3,500
Product Showcase 3 $3,000
Virtual Photo Booth 1 $3,000
Entertainment Break 3 $2,500
Virtual Platform Advertisement Unlimited $500
Leaderboard Prize Sponsorship Unlimited $250


Thank you for your interest in supporting at the Florida Society of Pathologists (FSP) 2021 Annual Pathology Conference. All supporters agree to the following information, guidelines, and regulations for purposes of supporting at our meeting, superseding all prior discussions. This may be supplemented by additional rules included in the prospectus as well as any other information or updates provided by the FSP.

VIRTUAL BOOTH RESOURCE PAGES All sponsors must commit to having their virtual booth resource page completed by February 1, 2021. Virtual booth resource pages will be accessible to attendees during the live, virtual conference from February 12, 2021 through February 14, 2021 and will be accessible to view on-demand after the virtual conference through April 14, 2021. The materials must remain in place through this date. You agree to pay a $200 fee should content be removed before April 14, 2021.

CANCELLATIONS & NO-SHOWS Once the application has been received, cancellation must be submitted to the FSP, in writing, no later than sixty (60) days prior to the meeting. Upon receipt of a timely cancellation notice, a full refund minus a $250 processing fee will be returned. If no cancellation notice in writing is received, no refund will be made. There are no refunds for no-shows or those canceling within 60 days.

SPACE ASSIGNMENT No space can be assigned without full payment. FSP will confirm the receipt of money/contract along with a virtual space assignment. FSP reserves the right to reject, at its discretion, any application to sponsor.

SPONSOR REGISTRATIONS Company registrations are afforded to each sponsor by their sponsorship level and additional registrations can be purchased for $150. Representatives will not share meeting access credentials.

DISPLAY REQUIREMENTS & RESTRICTIONS The FSP retains the right to deny the sharing of inappropriate items and products. Please contact the Exhibit Coordinator with any questions. Drugs, chemicals, or other therapeutic agents listed in AMA’s New and Non-Official Remedies, National Formulary or U.S. Pharmacopeia, may be displayed. Proprietary drugs mixtures and special formulas may be displayed if documentary evidence of their acceptance by ethical medical organizations is on file with the Exhibit Coordinator. New, unlisted and/or initial display items must be submitted for clearance prior to opening of the convention. Clinical and laboratory tests and evaluation on such items must be submitted at least three months prior to opening date of the convention. The same restrictions apply to books, advertisements in medical journals or other publications on display and to all promotional literature. Sponsor represents and warrants that it owns or otherwise controls all rights and title to materials shared in the virtual platform. Sponsor is solely responsible for the quality, integrity, legality, and intellectual property ownership or right to use such materials and FSP or virtual meeting vendor will not be responsible or liable for the deletion, correction, destruction, damage, loss or failure to store all or a portion of exhibitors materials except to the extent caused by willful or grossly negligent acts or omissions.

PROHIBITED CONDUCT The rights and privileges of an sponsor shall not be infringed upon by any other sponsor. FSP reserves the right to restrict content that may be objectionable, or to order the removal of any portion of a virtual booth resource page which in the judgment of the FSP is detrimental to or detracts from the general order of the meeting. This applies to persons advertising, soliciting or anything of a similar nature. Further, sponsor will use reasonable efforts to prevent any unauthorized use of the meeting platform and immediately notify FSP in writing of any unauthorized use that comes to sponsor's attention. Sponsor will take all steps reasonably necessary to terminate unauthorized use of the meeting platform by anyone who obtained access directly or indirectly through sponsor. Sponsor will cooperate and assist with any actions taken by Pathable to prevent or terminate unauthorized use of the meeting platform.

UNAUTHORIZED CANVASSING & DISTRIBUTION OF ADVERTISING MATTER. Solicitation of outside business or conferences in the interest of business except by exhibiting firms is prohibited. Sponsors are urged to report to the Exhibit Coordinator any violations of this rule. The sharing of advertising materials of any description shall not be permitted except from the sponsor's virtual booth or by specific permission of the FSP.

DATA COLLECTION Sponsor agrees to the terms of and to comply with the terms of the virtual meeting platform.

SUBLETTING OF SPACE No subletting of space will be permitted. Only one company may exhibit per virtual booth resource page. Each company represented in the virtual platform must sign the sponsorship application. Any person or company subletting a space, as well as the person or company purchasing the space, will be subject to eviction from the virtual platform. No refund will be made to a company subletting its space.

CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE & LIABILITY Sponsor assumes entire responsibility and hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, and defend the FSP, Compass Management & Consulting, Inc., the affiliates, officers, directors, agents, employees and partners of each, (“Indemnified Parties”) harmless against all claims, losses and damages, including negligence, to persons or property, governmental charges or fines and attorney's fees arising out of or caused by exhibitor's participation in FSP's conference. Exhibitor will, at its expense, either defend Customer from or settle any claim, proceeding, or suit (“Claim”) brought by a third party against FSP alleging that FSP's conference activities related to exhibitors materials infringes or misappropriates any patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark, or other intellectual property right during the term of this agreement.

DISCLAIMER The FSP neither warrants nor endorses any of the products or services advertised. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the FSP for any and all costs, including reasonable attorney fees, associated with any claim based on your product.

ATTENDANCE The FSP may estimate the number of attendees anticipated at the virtual conference; however, such estimate does not intend to guarantee a number of conference attendees.

PAYMENT Applications will be confirmed with the submission of an application and full payment. Any company that submits an application to sponsor but is not paid in full four weeks prior to the meeting, will be required to place a credit card on file with the Organization in order to receive access to the virtual platform. Check payments are due prior to the start of the virtual meeting. If payment is not received by the start of the virtual meeting, the credit card on file will be charged.

COOPERATION The Florida Society of Pathologists request the full cooperation of the sponsor in their observances. Please be sure that your promotional department and anyone else involved in the arrangements of your sponsorship has a copy of these rules and regulations. For any questions, please call the FSP office at (904) 309-6261.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018 - 10:30am