FSP Solutions Center

The LaserTrack™ line of histology cassette printers (PH1, PH6, PH8) utilize advanced laser technology to let you print flawless barcoded cassettes that will scan every time. The cassette is all that is required – no ink cartridges, printheads, filters, foil tape or light bulbs are necessary. Sizes and models are available for every size lab and workflow, as well as built-in cassette management systems, sorting systems, and 3-sided cassette printing.

The SlideTrack™ ESPO automated slide printer prints high-resolution barcodes and 300 dpi text directly on lab slides, at a speed of 3 seconds per slide. Capable of printing 200 charged/uncharged slides at a time, with single-slide capability for worry-free control slides.

StainerShield™ labels are chemical and solvent-resistant microscope labels that use barcode technology to permanently identify and track slides. Resistant to xylene, alcohols, toluene, formalin, high PH buffers, & can withstand heat, cold, microwaves and decloaking chambers.

Publication Date: 
Friday, September 4, 2020 - 2:30pm