FSP Membership Application

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Regular Member ( 1 year @ $450.00 )
Physicians residing in the state of Florida who are licensed to practice medicine as an M.D. or D.O. in the state of Florida. Regular members must dedicate a major portion of their practice to Pathology, and must either be Diplomates of the American Board of Pathology or eligible for admission to the examination of that Board, as certified by said Board.
New Practitioner ( 1 year @ $300.00 )
Physicians who are in their first or second year of practice may join FSP in this category. It is noted that beginning third year of practice, you will be automatically changed to a Regular Member and the membership dues amount will increase to $450.
Resident/Fellow in Training Member ( 1 year @ $0.00 )
Resident Members shall be physicians in the State of Florida who are in a full time approved training program in Pathology or sub-specialty of Pathology.
Corresponding Member ( 1 year @ $350.00 )
Corresponding Members shall include physicians who are practicing Pathology whose primary practice is in a State other than Florida, and is a member in good standing of a State society of pathology, other than the Florida Society of Pathologists. They shall have no vote at general or special meetings.
Retired Member ( 1 year @ $0.00 )
Retired Membership is available to any retired or inactive pathologist residing in Florida, who will document prior active membership in any State pathology society, the CAP, ASCP or other recognized National society of Pathology.
Military/VA/USPHS Members ( 1 year @ $300.00 )
Military members are pathologists who are federal employees that are primarily employed by the U.S. Military, U.S Public Health Services (USPHS), or Veterans Affairs (VA).
Publication Date: 
Wednesday, March 23, 2016 - 12:45pm