FSP Membership Appoints New Slate for Board of Directors

The FSP membership officially approved the new slate of the FSP Board of Directors on Saturday, February 23 during the Business Meeting.

Dr. Morton Levitt from Boca Raton, FL will assume the Presidency effective immediately. Alongside Dr. Levitt, he will be joined by Dr. Jim Zhai (Jacksonville, FL) who will assume the President-Elect position, Dr. Marilyn Bui (Tampa, FL) who will assume the Vice Presidency, Dr. Oleksandr Kryvenko (Miami, FL) who will assume the Secretary position, Dr. Janice McCall (Celebration, FL) who will remain Treasurer and Dr. Antonio Martinez (Coral Gables, FL) who will assume the role as Immediate Past President.

The following members were appointed as At Large Board members with a two-year term: Dr. Khaled Algashaamy (Miami, FL), Dr. Brett Cantrell (Jacksonville, FL), Dr. Lizardo Cerezo (Orlando, FL), Dr. Nicole Riddle (Tampa, FL), Dr. Margaret Neal (Tallahassee, FL), Dr. Vatsal Patel (Tallahassee, FL), Dr. Jason Savell (Tampa, FL) and Dr. Stephen Vernon (Miami, FL).

To see a full list of the FSP Board of Directors please visit the Leadership page here https://flpath.org/about/leadership


Publication Date: 
Thursday, February 28, 2019 - 12:45pm