Get to Know Bentley Syler, MD - November Member Spotlight

Bentley Syler, MD
Currently a 4th-year Pathology Resident of the University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida

What is your current role?
I am a 4th-year pathology resident of the University of South Florida in Tampa.

What is the best part of your occupation? 
To immerse myself daily in the complex and fascinating world of pathology and laboratory medicine. To be able to help patients by giving a thorough and accurate diagnosis. Pathology is vast, there is always the opportunity to learn or see something new every day.

How did you become interested in pathology?
Growing up, I was a curious boy, driven to understand the workings of the natural world, especially biology. During medical school, I was drawn toward histology, cell biology, and molecular biology. It was then clear to me that pathology would be my specialty.

How did you become involved with the FSP?
As a 1st year resident, I attended my first FSP meeting, and I was impressed by how well-organized pathologists were in Florida. I felt pathologists in Florida "had each other's backs" and moved forward as a team. I felt a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Explain how you benefit from being a member of FSP?
I am a part of a team with a common goal and interest. To make each other better, to thrive for excellence together, and to support and protect our profession.

What would you like to see occur in the field of pathology (i.e., scientific advances, greater awareness of the field, etc.) during your career?
I would like to see greater awareness of our field in the medical profession, which will maintain or increase the importance and value of our work and efforts. Regarding scientific advances, I would like to see advances in molecular signatures and targets for diseases. Also, I would like to see advances in digital slide imaging.

What are your hobbies outside of the office?
I enjoy spending valuable time with my wife, Dominique, and our pets: Tyson and Canelo (min pins) and Lorita (parrot). We enjoy outdoor activities, cooking BBQ while listening to music and working out.

What is something surprising that most people do not know about you?
After graduating from medical school and before entering residency, I dedicated years to competing in mixed martial arts. I was the first physician to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). My nickname was Bentley "Dr. Bolivia" Syler. See photo.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?
I am originally from Santa Cruz, Bolivia.